Decorative finish with unrefined fine metal effect for interiors


Download Data Sheet
Download Data Sheet

MARCOPOLO LUXURY is a decorative finish for interiors capable of realizing prestigious surfaces with a beautiful metallic fine effect, for pleasant ambience and charming both classic and with a modern design. The composition, enriched with special pigments creates surfaces characterized by strong contrasts of brightness which vary according to the light incidence.
With easy application can be obtained many aesthetic effects, light plays and reflections which can satisfy any aesthetic requirements. MARCOPOLO LUXURY combines a high aesthetic value to an elevated resistance to the stresses to which a wall is subjected over time.

Technical Specification

Spreading Capacity: 4-6 m²/l Thinner: Water Thinning for Brush Application: ready to use; max 5% Thinning for Sponge Application: ready to use; 5% max