FAST Satyna Bio is a high quality latex paint intended for application as protective and decorative interior coating on all mineral substrates such as concrete, cement, cement-lime, lime, gypsum, carton-gypsum boards, polymer dispersion surfaces and wall papers.


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FAST Satyna Bio Can be applied for both initial and refurb layers with uniform or diverse texture and color. It is also intended for interior painting ceilings in kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms and other rooms with heavy traffic such as corridors, stairwells, hospital rooms, etc. requiring frequent cleaning with disinfectants. It is especially recommended in public use buildings, health care, food industry facilities such as kitchens, food storages and coolers (without direct contact with food). It is also suitable for premises which require active microbiological protection: nurseries, hospitals, treatment and surgery rooms. Its unique properties predispose this product for use in places where high aesthetics is required. FAST SATYNA BIO is recommended for painting representative rooms and where you want to obtain special decorative effect.

Technical Specification

FAST Satyna Bio is an interior paint based on synthetic dispersion resins with an addition of mineral fillers and pigments with increased resistance to microorganisms ie. algae and fungi. It is highly resistant to scrubbing and mechanical damage. Available in a wide range of colors as per FAST COLOR SYSTEM.