Primer for mineral, acrylic, oxosilane and silicone renders


Download Data Sheet
Download Data Sheet

FAST GRUNT M is a ready-to-use priming mass based on quartz flours for substrate preparation under mineral, acrylic, oxosilane and silicone renders. Owing to its distinctive features it is recommended for priming all kinds of concrete, ceramic and cement-lime surfaces which then will be plastered. It can be applied both inside as well as outside buildings.

Technical Specification

FAST GRUNT M is characteristic for its perfect adhesive and well-coating features as well as great penetrating abilities. It is water-proof, freeze- resistant and steam-permeable. Aggregate content enhances surface coarseness, making application of successive layers easier, and increases the contact area of the render or adhesives with the substrate. It is also resistant to the reaction of alkalies. It is the element of the FAST insulation system. It is available in any colour in accordance with FAST COLOR SYSTEM and CPS.