Thin-layer silicone render


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Download Data Sheet

FAST BARANEK SI (spotted structure) is thin-layer structural oxosilane render designed for manual preparation of decorative external and internal plaster coatings. It can be applied on any mineral substrates, provided it is adequately even and structurally sound (cement plaster, cement-lime plaster, concrete, a reinforced coat insulated in the ETICS FAST SA).

Technical Specification

FAST BARANEK SI is a ready-to-use product made on the base of acrylic-styrene dispersion with oxosilane emulsion delivered in a form of a paste. It is breathable and hydrophobic, characteristic for its high resistance to air pollution, great fastness and washability. The applied render has a lower level of water penetration, it prevents from dirt carried with water and fungi and mould development. The render provides a very low tendency to dirt and high resistance to weather conditions. A wide range of colours in accordance with FAST COLOR SYSTEM is offered. The render contains contains organic agents that reduce fungi and mould development on render surface.